A separate website that allows you to view the most up to date news on Smart phones, Tablets, Technology, Gaming, and more...Check Back W...

Engage Nerd Chapel

Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Vae Victis! A Virtual Chapel, Containing lessons for Nerds - Chap. Eric Anderson. Be Sure to sign up for the mail...

Dave Rives the New Science Guy

Short videos on different topics. Biology, Chemistry, Archeology, Geology, etc. *Check back from time to time to for updates


A Christian Nerdcore Artsit

UNO Minecraft Card Game

As in the UNO you love, UNO Minecraft gameplay involves players racing to get rid of all their cards, but this version features cards wit...


Rent my Dreamcast for $6/day

Jenga Anyone

Jenga Classic Game


A Fantasy Book of Epic Proportions by G.P. Taylor. If you like suspense, mysterious creatures, ancient artifacts, then this is the book f...

Dragon King

If you like Knights, Castles, Warlords, and Battles, then I Highly Recommend this Book. This is book one of a three part series. Each Boo...

Kidslearning - Mind Power Series