Refund Policy

All physical products are refundable except writings, artwork, and or NFT's. We stand behind the quality of our products. If within 14 days from the delivery, you are unsatisfied with the item, we will gladly offer a refund, however, you are responsible for any shipping cost of returning the item. Please contact us at for the shipping address. Note: digital products are not refundable.

You are also responsible for returning the item within a reasonable time frame, (21 days from receipt), and in excellent condition. Please choose the most appropriate carrier, and be sure to take clear pictures of the item before you send it, in case damages occur during shipping.

Once we receive the return, you'll then receive an email confirming the refund details. You can expect returned funds to arrive in your bank account within 5-14 business days. If the product is software, software must be destroyed with proof. Contact us at if you have any questions on this process.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - All returns on any products purchased together as "combo discount" are subject to return amount "minus" the dollar amount of the lower priced item; or in the case of 3 items, "minus" the 2 lowered priced items. Any "PRIZE" obtained in conjunction with a purchase on this site are subject to a charge of the price of the gift, (usually $5 + shipping and handling), as deemed by Geekpose/TripleGGaming AKA G3 Gaming, if original purchase is refunded or returned.