Kid's Corner  - Children's Book - Lamb & Lion the 2nd Kingdom

Kid's Corner - Children's Book - Lamb & Lion the 2nd Kingdom

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Something for you and your Children to Read Together:
Lamb and Lion the 2nd Kingdom is a Story that "teaches a lesson" about the destructiveness of arguments, but also inspires "Hope" in forgiveness even in the midst of tragic situations. Experience the Story for yourself!

Recommended for children 3 -8 years old; and of all ages

"The Ancient of Dayz is the greatest being in existence. The Ancient of Dayz created everything. Therefore, everything that exists was created by Him. He existed before anything was made and was not made Himself. The Ancient of Dayz is all-powerful. He can take on the form of fire, a cloud, a tornado, or rain." He placed the Lamb and the Lion as the rulers of the 2nd Kingdom. But, will they remain in their rightful positions?

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Short Poem - A personalized poem for your child or your loved one. The Poem will be created to inspire the person and consist of approximately 4 stanzas consisting of at least two lines each


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*Top Ratings while listed on Amazon and "8.63 out of 10" by Print and Media in-house reviewers. Writer Oshal High takes children on a journey of imagination. Author Damien Taylor, writer of the fantasy novel, "Enigma", states of the book, "I took a break from working on EPOCH projects to read this wonderful children's book called, Lamb and Lion: The 2nd Kingdom by Oshal High; originally published by, Tate Children's Division. I won't give away the message but it is definitely a good moral to teach children. It was refreshing and a delight", as a children's book. Condition is Brand New.

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