"My Private Little Corner..."  Digital Document

"My Private Little Corner..." Digital Document

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6 page PDF File. So let me begin by saying that this book is not for little children and perhaps not for those that are spiritually immature either. It is a very deep, reflective, and revealing look into my personal life and trauma that I experienced at about 8 years old. Warning!!! This is not a book to read casually, but one to read quietly and reflect on.

This trauma effected my confidence and my "identity", but through Grace I was able to regain it. So here it goes 

Excerpts: "When I was 8 years old I knew I was called to preach. GOD placed it in my heart that this is what I was called to do. Around that same time, while living in North Philadelphia, I was molested, by a neighbor who was a family friend."

"You see, what happens is that you do get older, but you are still really that young boy or girl who is going through that traumatic experience when you have certain encounters that trigger memories from your past..."

"The sad part is that when most people grow up they blame GOD, (who they do not necessarily believe is real), for these atrocities and other hurt and pain in their life,..."

"Fast forward a few years later. I and my best friend as a child were introduced to pornography..."

"So here is where we start this journey or recounting of my abuse."