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  • 3-D Artwork inspired by an encounter with a Robber Fly
  • #1 in the Bento Bug Box NFT Art Collection


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    • NFT - Purchase ownership of this "original" piece of Video Artwork....This enables the purchaser to market, sell, and resell the artwork; including the original piece that they own. The sale of this item will be done in 4 quarters, meaning their will be up to 4 people who will be able to own the rights to the "original" piece of Artwork. That is 1/4 ownership per person. I will retain ownership of the original art as its creator, making me #0. That leaves 4/4 of the ownership of the original art to 4 people other than myself. The price listed is per 1/4 ownership of the Art. The art can be resold at whatever price the purchaser sees fit. Payment in crypto currency is accepted. (The Transaction is encrypted and done through Coinbase) The Art will be sent to you via download; you will receive the original video itself immediately. This will verify purchase.


    • "NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible token” and you can think of it like a digital collectible, such as a trading card. An NFT is similar to a cryptocurrency in the sense that it trades on a blockchain and has a monetary value attached to it. The difference between a cryptocurrency and an NFT though is that an NFT has certain characteristics that make it different from other NFTs, even if the two NFTs seem similar to one another."  - cited at The Beginner’s Guide to NFTs (and how to get them on WAX) | by WAX io | | Medium


    • "Having ownership of an this token, (NFT), means you can prove that you own a specific item and that the item you own is authentic—kind of like a certificate of authenticity. If you own that NFT, nobody else can own it, unless you sell (or give) it to them. Owning an NFT is analogous to having possession of the deeds to a house.  - cited Robert Nightingale
  •           This NFT once minted can be sold on Opensea, Rarible, Super Rare, etc. for            2 -3 times the current sale price or more. Most NFT sites now allow for the              "minting fees" to be covered by the future buyer, by including the fee in                the future sales price. 
    •  This item is non-refundable